Meet our team

    CSD’s security team comprises of a unique set of individuals who have a thorough expertise in information security, especially focusing on:
    Web Application Security, Network Security, Mobile Application Security, Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Security Training


Madalin joined Cyber Smart Defence in 2011 after 12 years of experience with IT companies, including Internet marketing firms, having an educational and training background in sales, marketing and general management. Also, one of his achievements is the founding of BizNet Techvertising, a company specialized in web platforms development and design, as well as optimization and promotional services.

Madalin Dumitru

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


TinKode is a Romanian computer security consultant, formerly one of the most-wanted computer grey hat hackers in the World during the period 2007 – 2012, now converted to an ethical IT security expert.

Razvan Cernaianu - TinKode

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Cyber Master Training Team. Certified Cyber Information Security Professional with 22 years of specialized experience directing and conducting Joint Special Cyber Operations within the Intelligence Community United States Military Intelligence May 1997 – March 2015
Valorous Unit Award (2), Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (1), Joint Service Commendation Medal (3)

Alexander Purta

Offensive Cyber Operator – Red Team Penetration


EU Trademark and Design Attorney, CIPP/E (GDPR certification issued by International Association of Privacy Professionals)

Magda Popescu



Ionut is a security enthusiast for more than 9 years, gathering his vast experience mostly from underground ethical-hacking scenes and some from his own research.

Ionut Maroiu

Director for Web Applications Security


Razvan Barbu has more than 11 years’ experience in IT Security. Incident handling, identifying higher-risk vulnerabilities, identifying vulnerabilities, testing the ability of network defenders.

Razvan Barbu

Director for Web Security

Pleasure to collaborate with:


INCE has been at the forefront of information security community for many years, with an extensive knowledge base, reaching back to 12 years. Up to date, INCE has single-handedly tested more than 20 online banking applications, countless open source web applications and mobile apps. Additionally, he has made extensive research on more than 150 web application projects and published articles based on his findings.

Mehmet İNCE

Senior Penetration Tester


Having an extensive knowledge in the areas of surveillance and physical security, UZAN has shifted his career towards Cyber Intelligence in 2012. Acting as a managing director in both INVICTUS and PRODAFT for the past 5 years, UZAN has played an active role in development and design of our Cyber Intelligence solutions, namely G-PACT Cyber Intelligence Platform and Raven Cyber Criminal Detection systems.

Koryak UZAN

Cyber Intelligence Expert


Can has over 16 years of experience in the following areas: Cryptovirology, covert channels, cyber intelligence, digital forensics, criminal profiling. His Honors and Awards include but are not limited to the following: Grand Champion – Department of Defense DC3, 2011 Cybercrime || Challenge DOD DC3 – US || The Outstanding Young Persons – #1 Science & Technological Development JCI


Cyber Security Expert

Along with the deep business expertise of the team which reaches back more than 10 years, each member of CSD security staff has deep connections in information security community. Up to date, there are hundreds of critical vulnerability submissions that have been made by CSD members widely recognized vulnerability databases such as CVE and ExploitDB.

Additionally, noted members of CSD Security team have published many articles about previously unknown security flaws and vulnerabilities on present systems.

Simply, CSD is capable to perform an actual hacker attack simulation. Our most distinguished capabilities resurface themselves at the point when automatized vulnerability scanning tools become obsolete. Starting from that point, the team's unique perspective is combined with custom tools and scripts that have been developed in-house to deliver never before seen attack vectors. These unique capabilities will enable the Client to test itself against the most extreme scenarios.


Each member of CSD Security team holds different certificates, issued by different authorities of information security. Certificates that have been acquired by our testing personnel include the following: